01.16.2022 2/2

allegiance 2/2

you are in a camp
it is both imposed & chosen
no one is fully attending society
which is why they are there
they are aware of their age
bearing excommunication
though feeling pain from it
you might be every individual there
one of them is a female
she decides to prove she’s still independent
so she escapes, to show off
the others mockingly saying:

“although she might pull it off, one more time
we are getting near our end of escapes”

she is dressed in shimmering white
as camouflage 
running through the snow for the fence
she hurls herself through the air
making it overt the barbed wire fence
enclosing the camp,
she makes it

but one of her hands is cut 
now bleeding in the snow
they all know she won’t last out there with a bleeding hand
she won’t make it wounded
though she’s free
she will die,
they no longer see her
cause she’s moving further and further in to the
and her death
everyone is one person
partly dying

then the scene changes
you are a sole spectator
watching the female
shapeshifting into an animal
the animal is a kind of ungulate
either very rare or a legendary creature
it has intensely blue eyes
light brown fur with a paler face
short horns, slightly arced
non-gendered personality
but sensual
it is weak from fleeing
but not wounded as the human female
and it can drink from the trees (somehow)
so it might survive & safe her (somehow)

–it took me all day to write this down

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