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skin | skin | verb 3 (of a wound) form new skin.”the wound are skinned and strength will revive” riˈvīv

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skin | skin | noun 1 the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal


mirth zealand’s orchards failing this year, from late frost in may. then heatwave — even still/especially; (pay attention to) the mirth of basking in this sphere, together 


; young predator scenting (your) sweat, wooden-bones, rigging & failures (you’ll be ok) to leave & come back there, exposing faults, disillusionments sloughing hopes & desires to claim you skinned remains wounded, somehow. in the logbook:  writing down the position of night draws one half of sun, partly overcast: ⌓ — what is your wound?


what makes a body tremor—crispé comme un extravagant, baudelaire says—is not the rapture of someone suffused with eros; it is, rather, like a kind of sexual shock that can beset a solitary human — there’s an inevitable entropy in humans, a wildness inside us — alive, to all hardships and to all delights


— flowers are borne in whorls nard; lavandula intermedia or dutch lavender genus includes short-lived herbaceous plants; leaf shape is diverse across genus. being branched they are simple in some cultivated species, in others, wild, pinnately toothed pairs opposite each other or multiple pinnate and dissected (can be candied). leaves are covered in fine hairs or indumentum. flowers are borne in whorls, held on spikes rising, erect. may be blue, violet in wild species, occasionally blackish or deep yellowish. calyx is tubular. corolla is also tubular, usually with five lobes; upper lip cleft, and the lower lip with two clefts (bearing oil, for…


— pinse jeg stoler på kranerne der løfter elementer ovenpå hinanden, til de langsomt eller hurtigt afskærer udsigten; tagene af bygninger på den anden side af havnen forsvinder, synker ned i afstanden mellem nye bygninger der fortætter byen opad.  kraners lange halse og sindige bevægelser; elementerne danner vertikale rum i luften, der var udsigten. elementerne er nøgne, deres skind bliver mørkt i regn, hullerne der bliver vinduer og altandøre er sky ansigter. armeringsjern stikker ud og op; afventer flere etager. henover pinsen står kraner stille. henover pinse falder lyden af trafik. blomster-vaflerne på kastanierne lyser. hornfiske-yngel vokser. mursejlernes skrig flyder…


— yes, i am. got jellyfish stings high up on inner thighs while swimming this evening, didn’t see invertebrate cause of sun’s low reflection in water; pain and felt such longing for arctic water in the fjords, perceived; endless friendly, endless gentle miss it, miss the light, miss moving, miss whales, miss dreaming of whales. trying to focus on nice things here like; swifts diving in air, scent of blooming linden or loved one’s happy faces inside restless restless, waiting for this landing to end and leaving for the desert which is also an ocean of pleasure. once a friend at navajo nation said; “i like it everywhere” –…