From January, 2022

01.16.2022 1/2

allegiance 1/2she saysher mother is taking her sweet time to die–keep lingering in that space between here & beyond it wears out both of themshe says–yes i know it i reply,later she shares a dream of hers: 

01.16.2022 2/2

allegiance 2/2you are in a campit is both imposed & chosenno one is fully attending societywhich is why they are therethey are aware of their agebearing excommunicationthough feeling pain from ityou might be every individual thereone of them is a femaleshe decides to prove she’s still independentso she escapes, to show offthe others mockingly saying: “although she might pull it off, one more timewe are getting near our end of escapes” she is dressed in shimmering whiteas camouflage running through the snow for the fenceshe hurls herself through the airmaking it overt the barbed wire fenceenclosing the camp,she makes itover but…