From August, 2016


this afternoon you see a boy jaywalking towards you. the sun behind him gleam/glows so how are you quiet sure straight away. that he is a non-native/new native? his t-shirt says we love asphalt across the chest and therefore you would like to have sex with him


american wigeon   7 american coot   1,283 american bittern   1 american white pelican   1,229 great blue heron   36 snowy egret   3 great egret   3 american golden plover 6 black-crowned night heron   12 white-faced ibis   36 wilson’s phalarope  27 black-necked stilt   2 american avocet   6 lesser yellowlegs   1 eared grebe   69 western grebe   117 great horned owl   2 american kestrel   2