From pieces


– kin there’s the creamy wheel of rucola flowers when it’s abandoned too long, or long enough, in the garden and the stem grows tall instead of kept low for harvesting leaves it’s four light petals spread wide apart and the veins of dark embroidery resembles sun crosses, that first started appearing for my inner eye and then later, insistently, in my surroundings when you brake down the world in typologies the family of things begins to show themselves: the wheel of veined petals are related to circling lightning in the high desert and the shape of eggs in unbroken…


highway spring carrion and blessings on our hare-kin, may the gaze of their eye be a portal to a joyous world –here’s to the lilacs in their full bloom, above all i am here, i am here i am here –for Keith, Ordrup 2023


Special Ones The special ones are all asleep. Their friends; the animals the plants and elements watch over them. They long to play and laugh again, to leave the watching to the stars, with outstretched hearts as ripened fruit. That all these ancient new-borns shall be fed, be joyous and be waking. –for Theodor, Ordrup 2023


–poppies song: all the hours we spent waiting on daddy away, working in the desertall the hours we spent our growing pain, blooming, trying to get to that desertall the hours we spent scheming on how to stay and be desertall the love we’re convinced be concealed in a desertall the love we miss out on for this desertand all flowing fluttering love we poured, seeded his desert


please, wake up: there’s an ocean between the wordsorwater parts our wordsorour words are oceans


–jeg bor i håndvasken tid er min dyne jeg dør hver dag jeg vågner badet i vådt lys


and one day she dreamed herself to be a complete idiot —which she instantly became. this ‘dream-being’ wandered about in her dream world until one day falling asleep there. while sleeping she dreamt she was a worm, who dreamt she was a queen, who dreamt of being an ant, who dreamt of being a hungry wolf, who dreamt of being a screaming seagull, who dreamt of being white carnations, who envisioned themselves as a bee, who drank the nectar from the carnation’s flower. the bee saw a monkey on which it contemplated, thereby becoming a monkey, which was captured by a hungry queen hunter. when the monkey saw a hive of bees it remembered its past birth and became a bee, which became carnations, which became a wolf.…


i am flower cone i am ocotillo i am ocotillo’s scarlet hands, caressing air i am crystals in mountain soil i am soft seeds in bog soil i am doe with dream-fawn i am milky way in daylight i am glowing meat-red sandstone i am high desert snow-rosy sunrise i am dried grasses dripping dew, down below in basin i am chicken feed i am chicken feet, curling up when lifting i am sugar skull i am bluejays i am bluejay’s cry i am bright blue silk-bow tied on corn stalk i am sleeping with earthworms i am texas petro-plants…


hjælp mig fisk hjælp mig månehjælp mig morhjælp mig bær og stenhjælp mig hjertehjælp mighjælp mig