stinne storm is a danish poet and translator who holds three master degrees; from the university of utah, gothenburg university and the royal danish academy. in 2012 she debuted with the poetry collections; mainland. later same year came the collection edens. her style and thematic make the work differ from the dominant trend in current scandinavian poetry, which demonstrates a new kind of language-mode, a bastard- or hybrid language. the poetry is concrete; it is homage to a reality shaping our language and feeding an exploration of the many places of origin. her third book of poetry; jämtska came out may 2017. among her translations are writings of agnes martin and letters of edith södergran.
latest translation; septemberlyren 2021. latest zine; allegiance 2022.

— “i am not a woman, and i don’t care about reputations” — agnes martin

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