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bison came to me, presenting itselfas an offer. i ate/consumed/swallowed bisonto renew/concurre/savior myselfand thereby i became bison,who sacrificed itself —the cliff swallows will be back soon,i love my city in their presence the danish national tree is commonbeech (fagus sylvatica)the anemones (anemone virginiana)have to time their floweringbefore leave-coversoak up the spring sunlight —up here we all get through the winter-darkby our bodies recalling spring;the vow of long summer days(17 h & 30 min. in mid june)this collected white blanketof each delicately individualanemone, beneath the hundred years giants exemplifyingthe order of beauty and timeas singles becomingentities in perfection anemones allows me…


hvordan hun samler regnorme op med forsigtige bevægelser. hvordan de vrider sig om hendes fingre. hvordan hun redder biller fra vindueskarme, myrer fra madpakker. hvor langt hun kan kaste en ferskensten. hun elsker alle der spiser og alle der spises lige højt, herhjemme svinger kraner i slow motion gennem udsigtenman er sultenman er en skabning


—yes. the roses smell like happiness and sorrow  or maybe that’s all i am smelling —very soft, i would like to try a yellow too


many souls the sailor is explaining; everyone contains many the sailor doesn’t say souls or define it more than many she shows how stars fall/descent from the universe solidify into clusters that then shape themselves into many souls you can see each soul contain the melting shapes of the stars and that they forget their oneness and melt into entities that has an outline that fit the ones they were made along side with so that solidified souls of personhood contains many and would fit next to the ones they’re shape with they wouldn’t stay this shape throughout living but…


imbolc in the night of imbolc. the sailor shows herself her eyes are yes and shinning petals saying: what are your obstacles and what do they look like what is our work and what will come (out) of it


light as milk: the light is soft and fractal like dreaming; a cave-opening  in sandstone formation darkness emanates and fill the air as light reach you, pass through you and snow falls as choruses