From March, 2016


this is a landscape :  artificial |ˌärtəˈfiSHəl| 1.1 made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, typically as a copy of something natural: her skin glowed in an artificial light | an artificial limb | artificial flowers. • (of a situation or concept) not existing naturally; contrived or false: the artificial division of people into age groups. • bridge (of a bid) conventional as opposed to natural. 1.2 (of a person or a person’s behavior) insincere or affected: an artificial smile 2.1 – artificial flowers: synthetic, fake, imitation, mock, ersatz, faux, substitute, replica, reproduction; man-made, fabricated, inorganic; plastic;…


in the landscape of words you want to have many maps, as each seem to mean many things:


— today the water were low. thaw and  .at kroppen havde ebbe og flod .at kroppen sank og


these are the words lost so far: familiefest søndagsstel udsigttårn hjemvendt nedfalden roemark sjippetov hovedskald sukkerskål gyngehest samlebånd havørn hættemåge pinsesol dansemyg bortfaldet nedtagen hundeangst lillebælt nordhavn  


— (my love) it was raining heavy this morning. i, even more so. hjertet vil fortælle om fortid. det vil dele sig og blive flere hjerter. bærende ekkoet af tidligere hjerter i sig. hviske om hvordan solen stod op over de tidligste hjerter og hvordan dit og dit hjerteslag er en del af al livstakt


• the hair is like hair. and she lifts up the hair with lazy hands while i watch and the robe is rotting and she lifts up the cloth and the skin falls down and down and down as i am the lover and rise from her womb who never will carry a foetus the spilling of blood was like blood coagulating in dreams she’s forgetting as youth i shall always know you she says her knowing is like knowing. she holds with her heart as a womb and lazy coagulating my love as i am the leaver and she is…