From notes


— yes, i am. got jellyfish stings high up on inner thighs while swimming this evening, didn’t see invertebrate cause of sun’s low reflection in water; pain and felt such longing for arctic water in the fjords, perceived; endless friendly, endless gentle miss it, miss the light, miss moving, miss whales, miss dreaming of whales. trying to focus on nice things here like; swifts diving in air, scent of blooming linden or loved one’s happy faces inside restless restless, waiting for this landing to end and leaving for the desert which is also an ocean of pleasure. once a friend at navajo nation said; “i like it everywhere” –…


yes, the swifts have arrived with their gorgeous scream i read their latin name, derived from greek means ‘without legs’ that they’ll live for a week without food, if needed that their youngs will enter hibernation state to survive and delay their feather growth while  undernourished later their bodies can carry them 70 mph, covering 200,000 mi yearly. they will be on their wings for ten months migrating — sleeping in air


— saw sanderling take off from egg island this afternoon amongst. many swallows on power lines happy spring everyone


1 at vende tilbage besøgende halt, til alt andet fuldt 2 at løvet er tungere  end det er til at bære 3 at luften slæber mod genstande. klæber til huden  der ældes; saltvand; middagshede; tab 4 at heroppe kravler bænkebidere over sengen edderkoppeafkom hænger i klaser og spredes i mylder 5 at tid kravler gennem vener og bleger billeder på nethinde 6 at sandbund er dækket af østersskaller hver deres egen verden


at havet er i ebbe. så langt tilbage, at der ligger en bleg bræmme af havbund, en ørken af stenformationer nogle steder trækker brændingen lyder af sten over sten med sig. andre er sandet nøgent og tavst — der er en glæde til alle mennesker, der er vildere end havet og ørkenen tilsammen. den findes


— clay-colored thrush at the international center, on peach day north of interstate exit. it’s feeding alone, near some other thrushes on the westside of median by the green electrical equipment box they’ve build cup-shaped nests, lined them with mud. they’ve had speckled eggs in their nests. chicks hatching, both parents feeding and raising them. continuing their species through migrating long distances dispersing seeds of endangered plants at new sites, thrushes help eliminate inbreeding and increase the genetic diversity of local ecosystems. her too, without nest


— little gull still present in the same landscape of yes, between the scorched sandbars and brittle saltshore. go on being by waiting. carefully carefully alive


it took me many tries but i finally got it. i was always there. early until eventides and it never happened but this time it started calling almost as soon as i arrived. i think it goes quiet and hides for a while (and doesn’t seem to respond to calls) — be patient and eventually it will get active. you will meet