yes, strawberry river this morning — a phoebe followed a falcon. the birds were on the east side. there were warblers too and many western wood-pewees moving through new electric air joyously hawking      


yes, the swifts have arrived with their gorgeous scream i read their latin name, derived from greek means ‘without legs’ that they’ll live for a week without food, if needed that their youngs will enter hibernation state to survive and delay their feather growth while  undernourished later their bodies can carry them 70 mph, covering 200,000 mi yearly. they will be on their wings for ten months migrating — sleeping in air


dreaming he sits at my bedside, with a blue space helmet on, or perhaps hallow. he doesn’t speak; i am very unsure as to why he’s here

05.07.2019 02

dreaming i’m arranging flowers on her breakfast tray, the water turns into gasoline and i cause a huge fire; the flower petals throwing off flames

05.07.2019 01

(edible/eating)   “domesticated crop and ‘wild’ plants (called: crop wild relatives) domesticated livestock species and their wild relatives non-harvested species, including soil micro-biota, pollinators non-harvested species in the wider environment” : thinking of (the concept of) wild relatives and how they’re related to you,  thinking —  


sagebrush birds:    soothe then fled  and feathers catch light   — these sagebrush natives faithful, to specific sites recur  year after year especially if — and their song composed of elements specifically for vast windy steppe— their patterns and frequencies  carrying well in open landscape without degrading


— saw sanderling take off from egg island this afternoon amongst. many swallows on power lines happy spring everyone


— sea berries is the weight of violence coming home, into long afternoons (of being) exiled among them talking, as words didn’t sound their full meaning i am always cautiously sifting the current beneath objects of family life