sagebrush birds:    soothe then fled  and feathers catch light   — these sagebrush natives faithful, to specific sites recur  year after year especially if — and their song composed of elements specifically for vast windy steppe— their patterns and frequencies  carrying well in open landscape without degrading


— saw sanderling take off from egg island this afternoon amongst. many swallows on power lines happy spring everyone


— sea berries is the weight of violence coming home, into long afternoons (of being) exiled among them talking, as words didn’t sound their full meaning i am always cautiously sifting the current beneath objects of family life


— sea berries since things are not as sweet  as you thought they would be you teach your taste  the embrace of bitterness and your fingers to pick each berry cautiously


sails   all your deepest desires deserted; the mouth of a wound  confining the rest of you days, as spring spills over  in moist shoots and billowing buds  your heart sinks as a sick clam, limbs follow it down  until subtle pull of upward umbilical cord, unfold  your sails to refill


du drømmer rovfugl  lægger sig om din hals som en krave og spinder i dit øre — hvem er din bedste ven?