palm lover 3.palm lover loves all palms’ species monocotyledons, or monocots. loves all (who are) flowering grasses evolved a 100 million years ago, ah she loved a long time. (loves the sabals among the first palm species in existence still). what distinguishes monocots from other flowering plant species are their anatomy, such as monocot’s vascular tissue arranged, haphazardly. palms have a vascular system that transports water and nutrients throughout the organism. in monocots the vascular bundles are arranged haphazardly, whereas in dicots they are segregated- water-carrying bundles towards the center of the plant, nutrient-carrying bundles towards the outer perimeter and…


palm lover 2.you wake up in your cotyou stir from within, a fetus still inside your aching body and the skin containing all of you: you wake.your fetus commands you: stretch out. break open this skin in the cot and have our newborn bodies leave this world. ascent says the fetus while somersaulting in the salt waters of your bodies. ascent– ascending to the deck of this ship, like bubbles surfacing your bodies climb the stairs to the deck and the night is arctic and the arctic night is white. luminescent, so that your bodies are illuminated. if anyone was watching you, they…


palm lover 1. palm lover loves the palm flowers and the fruits in summer, when the sabal bears them creamy white in drooping clusters from within their crown. palm lover loves the fragrant branching inflorescence and loves the fruit that follows, 1/3 inch with a single seed inside edible and lovely too. she be palm lover, she be loving


–jeg bor i håndvasken tid er min dyne jeg dør hver dag jeg vågner badet i vådt lys


and one day she dreamed herself to be a complete idiot —which she instantly became. this ‘dream-being’ wandered about in her dream world until one day falling asleep there. while sleeping she dreamt she was a worm, who dreamt she was a queen, who dreamt of being an ant, who dreamt of being a hungry wolf, who dreamt of being a screaming seagull, who dreamt of being white carnations, who envisioned themselves as a bee, who drank the nectar from the carnation’s flower. the bee saw a monkey on which it contemplated, thereby becoming a monkey, which was captured by a hungry queen hunter. when the monkey saw a hive of bees it remembered its past birth and became a bee, which became carnations, which became a wolf.…


pleasure and therefore riding a tiger i be the ocotillos waving   my many scarlet flower-hands caressing warm winds  tender tender hollow bleached bones your many  liquid pleasures i be desert love