demon trap flying in over the canyon  recognizing  nooks and crannies, the river.  cars like shiny insects crawling home  or passing through you think my god it really is a wound that place, split open.  the earth torn like skin, the bleeding sandstone, let it not devour me let me pass through  this time — leave it

09.01.2019 2

demon trap tegner en dæmon-fælde. du planlægger at gå derhen du tænker på andre uheld

09.01.2019 1

  demon trap dreaming of owl again this time it’s sitting inside trunk of a tree looking out,  with owl eyes, but childbody plump and sweet


— wandering tattler in (delayed) breeding plumage, still here. if thy right eye cause thee to sin, 


recognize accents; thick local american (and utes, paiute, goshute) tourists too.  then receiving the (communion of) light then the deafening pain of rejection  recalling the  dead departed; the ones who went on with others    what can be trusted; the breath, the breath   the breath and that time passes leaves  traces deliver you at your mountains  of sorrow  to hike;  ascenting; a  solitary creature vertiginous as if leisurely  slow;  dizzying/dismembering sights and abysses, and what else can you do than take it all in; bask in the beauty of being among  the living 

07.29.2019 3

skin | skin | verb 3 (of a wound) form new skin.”the wound are skinned and strength will revive” riˈvīv

07.29.2019 1

skin | skin | noun 1 the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal


mirth zealand’s orchards failing this year, from late frost in may. then heatwave — even still/especially; (pay attention to) the mirth of basking in this sphere, together 


; young predator scenting (your) sweat, wooden-bones, rigging & failures (you’ll be ok) to leave & come back there, exposing faults, disillusionments sloughing hopes & desires to claim you skinned remains wounded, somehow. in the logbook:  writing down the position of night draws one half of sun, partly overcast: ⌓ — what is your wound?