beads   there’s the pull and the doubt the hight tide of wanting to leave and the low tide of wishing to stay there’s the hours as beads pushing against each other  their weight against your skin and the nearly painful pleasure  wearing them to bare oneself, in time becoming  your bow


beads   pinõn and blue jay ants and rabbits  are visiting this morning  they’re there before you open your eyes when you do their desert fragrance lingers  as a thoughtful gift from friends recognizing  your flickering attention, your childish wailing as plain  homesickness;    beads of sap slowly solidifying   dripping from your branches 


beads   these are the last days before work close in these are the days before being confined again what will you do? —what did you do as it all turned upside down work evaporate and confinement inverts  with ambulances sailing our vacant streets birds singing them onwards, towards the water the whale’s mouth waiting wide open at the  harbor swallowing hundreds a day her eye, a dark bead  of glowing maternal recognition as she bless their return and grants them her quieting


beads   in the morning small feather or shell shows herself with her creamy alluvian fan of whipped white, the round shape presents a reference point on your mental horizon: no sunlight in the days here pale hours throughout winter inside her form is spring-embryo gently pulling at your heart: repeat, repeat repeat


beads   said, yes i’d love to come back though working now.  have to obey; the hours, the days —like beads, weighing against each other  mirroring repetition, unable to know what is real and what is repeated  yes, i’d love to come back; what is now and what has past said, what is lost  stay lost the pain so abandoned; one can hardly recall or mirror the cause i’d love to come back —i’d love 


many souls the sailor is explaining; everyone contains many the sailor doesn’t say souls or define it more than many she shows how stars fall/descent from the universe solidify into clusters that then shape themselves into many souls you can see each soul contain the melting shapes of the stars and that they forget their oneness and melt into entities that has an outline that fit the ones they were made along side with so that solidified souls of personhood contains many and would fit next to the ones they’re shape with they wouldn’t stay this shape throughout living but…


imbolc in the night of imbolc. the sailor shows herself her eyes are yes and shinning petals saying: what are your obstacles and what do they look like what is our work and what will come (out) of it


light as milk: the light is soft and fractal like dreaming; a cave-opening  in sandstone formation darkness emanates and fill the air as light reach you, pass through you and snow falls as choruses