i am flower cone i am ocotillo i am ocotillo’s scarlet hands, caressing air i am crystals in mountain soil i am soft seeds in bog soil i am doe with dream-fawn i am milky way in daylight i am glowing meat-red sandstone i am high desert snow-rosy sunrise i am dried grasses dripping dew, down below in basin i am chicken feed i am chicken feet, curling up when lifting i am sugar skull i am bluejays i am bluejay’s cry i am bright blue silk-bow tied on corn stalk i am sleeping with earthworms i am texas petro-plants…


hjælp mig fisk hjælp mig månehjælp mig morhjælp mig bær og stenhjælp mig hjertehjælp mighjælp mig 


is du drømmer om isder græder og dørsmeltevandsfloder trækkermudrede ar gennem kroppenalt levende rør sigbjerge vender deres ansigtmod de druknendeferskvandssøskende   deres rævehuller dekoreretmed lort og knogler, fodsporsom kniplinger i sneenisbjergenes snavsede sælpletter svareralt levende pynter sig  alt levende drømmer sig i dig– du elsker, du elsker, du elsker

3/3 disko: bright sunshinesnow buntingpluralwe think: ice is your sleeping beautywasting her attributes awayweeping melt, whereas your trait, traitoris treasonand bunting’s buoyancyso joyous honouring herglisteringdeathshapes of sheer splendour, divinedescendingdissolving. dilutingoblivious human conditionlike glacial flour meetingsaltwater [at night you bathe in moonlight as alcohol, bright & brutal.seeps through skin or feathers or scales into bloodstreams of souls & soil]


2/3 disko full moonhalf bloodsingularwe think: the american loves storiesbanquets of braved hearted empty wordsthey gorges themselves inwhat’s your story they’ll ask–drinking your lightat their feastdizziness and workalways work. one works onfeed them storiesand if i was in love–it would bewith hands flanging whalewith hands cutting mattaqwith faces of winter light from withinthe american want a lifted pathof happinessthey are all the same:each wanting their own


1/3 disko: waxing moonbastard bloodcedingraven landsat the snow coveredwound. jumping up & downon the frozen edges, to break it up. pecks it back openuntil its dark contourcouplewithblood & intestines:a homecomingfeastwhereas –wide open & perpetuity fervourlavishyour fledged heart


owl: western screech owl is back in nest box, spent the day sunning itself at entrance, watching: spotted towhees, ruby crowned kinglet, woodhouse’s jays, finches, sparrows, robins, starlings, northern flicker, warbler and a red hawk making a brief appearance


unniutiinnarneqtunniutiinnarneqtunniusimasoqtunu t ryg (-gen), bagside (-n)(animal behaviour/sexual) devotion from latin devot- ‘consecrated (indviet)’, from the verb devovere, from de- ‘formally’ + vovere ‘to vow’