From July, 2016


“snowy egret and another bird that shows signs for a juvenile little blue heron; bicolored mostly gray bill with a dark tip, green-yellow loral skin and legs, and most importantly an upright and deliberate posture. juvenile little blue heron has been getting harassed by the snowy egret which are slightly bigger. the two birds were in the northern water and the smaller bird flew off and was immediately chased by the snowy egret. now both are on the shore of the south water” “look closely at the color and posture of the birds. snowy egrets keep their neck curled back,…


“this afternoon i saw an american white pelican sitting in the sagebrush along the road down the west side of strawberry reservoir. two other birds were holding its left wing up when it walked through the sage and was well over a 1/2 mile from water.  the procession headed north, away from the water. towards strawberry ridge”


  kitten peep through wire mesh for black bird chicks shadows of this day grows tall and slender the ginkgo leaves wave their grace with hundreds of million years tenacity. wary we recognise each other ; living fossils non-native citizens emigrants at home pray. with wings to rise above our sorrow [sea]


— at det tordner om natten — at det tordner om morgenen — at husenes facader åbner ansigtet mod dagen   du er i et hvidt favntag. dun klæber som honning til huden. det regner efter regnen. drypper fra marehalm. svedig, luften er tung i lungerne falder vandet nedad du falder endnu. æsken er foret med dun du falder igennem og regn falder . barely breathing in  barely breathing out  awaiting. ripples. recur  all sounds of living to flow back