the hair is like hair. and she lifts up the hair with lazy hands

while i watch and the robe is rotting and she lifts up the cloth and the skin falls down and down and down

as i am the lover and rise from her womb who never will carry a foetus

the spilling of blood was like blood


in dreams she’s forgetting as youth

i shall always know you she says

her knowing is like knowing. she holds with her heart as a womb

and lazy coagulating my love

as i am the leaver

and she is the lover of rotting

dreams and of falling down and down and down

the smile is like smile and she pours it with lips that are peachy

keen and i swallow and swallow

her liquid that rises from earth in her bones i arrange and display. and caressing

as arrays of time as sunbeams gathered

in flesh releases. and me

catching and melting like melting who loves

and belonging as we and us and all

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