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05.29.2023 3/3 whitsun, light as milk

–light as milk boulders bouncing down as sleepy toddlers, over slopes and edges before landing at their final resting place though some boulders break apart leaving craters of fragmentation (in their) becoming imperfect spheres


Special Ones The special ones are all asleep. Their friends; the animals the plants and elements watch over them. They long to play and laugh again, to leave the watching to the stars, with outstretched hearts as ripened fruit. That all these ancient new-borns shall be fed, be joyous and be waking. –for Theodor, Ordrup 2023


she made the trips several times beforeand if luck is with her, she’ll continueto do so for decades, soon she’ll stop eatingliving on fat she stored fuelled by instinct and passionher migration might be mysterious to othersbut she sees the ocean different, following its current whether it veersclose to shoreor out againto fathomlesssoft salt liquidloving


palm lover 3.palm lover loves all palms’ species monocotyledons, or monocots. loves all (who are) flowering grasses evolved a 100 million years ago, ah she loved a long time. (loves the sabals among the first palm species in existence still). what distinguishes monocots from other flowering plant species are their anatomy, such as monocot’s vascular tissue arranged, haphazardly. palms have a vascular system that transports water and nutrients throughout the organism. in monocots the vascular bundles are arranged haphazardly, whereas in dicots they are segregated- water-carrying bundles towards the center of the plant, nutrient-carrying bundles towards the outer perimeter and…


palm lover 1. palm lover loves the palm flowers and the fruits in summer, when the sabal bears them creamy white in drooping clusters from within their crown. palm lover loves the fragrant branching inflorescence and loves the fruit that follows, 1/3 inch with a single seed inside edible and lovely too. she be palm lover, she be loving


pleasure and therefore riding a tiger i be the ocotillos waving   my many scarlet flower-hands caressing warm winds  tender tender hollow bleached bones your many  liquid pleasures i be desert love