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— clay-colored thrush at the international center, on peach day north of interstate exit. it’s feeding alone, near some other thrushes on the westside of median by the green electrical equipment box they’ve build cup-shaped nests, lined them with mud. they’ve had speckled eggs in their nests. chicks hatching, both parents feeding and raising them. continuing their species through migrating long distances dispersing seeds of endangered plants at new sites, thrushes help eliminate inbreeding and increase the genetic diversity of local ecosystems. her too, without nest


went looking for warblers to no avail. however ran into a novel bird —the sage thrasher. eating insects in late summer with her short  beak. in winter she eat berries


  kitten peep through wire mesh for black bird chicks shadows of this day grows tall and slender the ginkgo leaves wave their grace with hundreds of million years tenacity. wary we recognise each other ; living fossils non-native citizens emigrants at home pray. with wings to rise above our sorrow [sea]


— at sige tilsidst, “nu ligner du en lille pige.” — at lægge hende i æsken. at æsken er lille og kan hænge om halsen — at halsen strækker sig som en stikling, og stiklinger er piger på tynde ben der går ud i tyngdekraften    


and fear as the lullaby of childhood. the sugar glazing on buns and birthday cakes; a tinkle adjacent to the voice; the crisp in love songs; a powder a vapour lingering after embrace, and embrace. a parfume enclosing changing choppy homes. the direction home; of candy; of infinite devotion. of prelude of separation and acquired courage of modesty. and embrace and embrace