From pieces


— around 5:00 this morning one black-billed was still present, although it proved to be very difficult to find. spent over two hours looking for it and only saw it once, but it is in the area. seemed to be staying close to nashville warblers. this is the first day of fall


this afternoon you see a boy jaywalking towards you. the sun behind him gleam/glows so how are you quiet sure straight away. that he is a non-native/new native? his t-shirt says we love asphalt across the chest and therefore you would like to have sex with him


“snowy egret and another bird that shows signs for a juvenile little blue heron; bicolored mostly gray bill with a dark tip, green-yellow loral skin and legs, and most importantly an upright and deliberate posture. juvenile little blue heron has been getting harassed by the snowy egret which are slightly bigger. the two birds were in the northern water and the smaller bird flew off and was immediately chased by the snowy egret. now both are on the shore of the south water” “look closely at the color and posture of the birds. snowy egrets keep their neck curled back,…


“this afternoon i saw an american white pelican sitting in the sagebrush along the road down the west side of strawberry reservoir. two other birds were holding its left wing up when it walked through the sage and was well over a 1/2 mile from water.  the procession headed north, away from the water. towards strawberry ridge”


    ved opholdsvejr, falder dun fra dit bryst. stadigt flere flagrer ud når du fjerner dem som vælder ynglesæsoner fra dit hjerte uden ophør. efter regnen falder mere regn efter regnen vågner du i vand til livet du står på sandbunden med saltvandets opdrift mod huden. svaler fanger stille insekter de hænger som flydende. i rav i luftens væde     efter regnen drømmer du om hylden. lyser som pudrede mælkeveje på stilke sender deres pollen gennem luften/ud i universet dine fødder drømmer de går over sandet langsomt træder æskens sider frem i daggry havet glider ind gennem vinduet du…


— quiet day on the beach, overcast. many plovers were sunbathing in the crisp morning. one place, there were more than six in the dunes


and fear as the lullaby of childhood. the sugar glazing on buns and birthday cakes; a tinkle adjacent to the voice; the crisp in love songs; a powder a vapour lingering after embrace, and embrace. a parfume enclosing changing choppy homes. the direction home; of candy; of infinite devotion. of prelude of separation and acquired courage of modesty. and embrace and embrace


—said. water, tell me more of water. (that) fills up the great lake (that) breaths. the bear river makes it breathing. tell me the names (that) bear river speaks to come down to fill the salt lake to make it breath, mixing freshwater with its brine (mud flats south bay north bay wellsville cone cottonwood creek soda springs muddy creek cokeville twin creek new canyon withney canyon needles creek mill creek hayden peak)