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2 ) oracle the yucca, as flags in your remeberence; their soft rattling seed pods in dry breeze. how the seeds float in slow motion downwards; dark spots in your line of thoughts. at night the plant resembles a devil’s head against the thick sky. two tall stems as antennas rises from the round shape. someone has been digging holes out in the desert. beast and critters are alive in the night. you hear them calling each other; there’s a human, there’s a human. the human resembles a sailor and the desert is a shoreline with the ocean at the…


1 ) oracle at the top of the yucca, wren is sitting. shiny seeds falls from the opening pods. it’s calls rises. twin boys walk the trail this morning. heat is rising too. last full moon they went out scouting; their father told them the captain comes out at night. they’re digging a sailor trap. preparing for next chance to catch him


0 ) oracle at the beginning oracle is not a place, it is land among land; warm yellow boulders and banana yucca. oracle is a ship sailing the cap horn and a man named the land o r a c l e to manifest same good fortune there. not the fortune of cap horn: of the vessel that sailed the horn


libya, fossil fuel    en af mine fædre tager til ørkenen han er væk længe han sender ting han sender en læbestift i en lerskål han sender forsteninger af muslinger — at luft tordner i himlen og i gletchere hans tænder slides ned i sandstorme hans hud lædrer han vasker sig i sand & tørrer sig i solen hverken anker eller sejl er oppe —at noget bevæger sig derude — at det er is der driver fra gletcheren en af mine fædre bor i et telt i ørkenen han måler sandet han måler i sandet hvor vejen skal være han…


demon trap flying in over the canyon  recognizing  nooks and crannies, the river.  cars like shiny insects crawling home  or passing through you think my god it really is a wound that place, split open.  the earth torn like skin, the bleeding sandstone, let it not devour me let me pass through  this time — leave it

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demon trap tegner en dæmon-fælde. du planlægger at gå derhen du tænker på andre uheld