— flowers are borne in whorls

nard; lavandula intermedia or dutch lavender genus includes short-lived herbaceous plants; leaf shape is diverse across genus. being branched they are simple in some cultivated species, in others, wild, pinnately toothed pairs opposite each other or multiple pinnate and dissected (can be candied). leaves are covered in fine hairs or indumentum. flowers are borne in whorls, held on spikes rising, erect. may be blue, violet in wild species, occasionally blackish or deep yellowish. calyx is tubular. corolla is also tubular, usually with five lobes; upper lip cleft, and the lower lip with two clefts (bearing oil, for restlessness or insomnia)
caution, budding young males because rare mimicking female hormones and inhibit male and says lavender may be poisonous consumed by mouth

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