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3/3 disko: bright sunshinesnow buntingpluralwe think: ice is your sleeping beautywasting her attributes awayweeping melt, whereas your trait, traitoris treasonand bunting’s buoyancyso joyous honouring herglisteringdeathshapes of sheer splendour, divinedescendingdissolving. dilutingoblivious human conditionlike glacial flour meetingsaltwater [at night you bathe in moonlight as alcohol, bright & brutal.seeps through skin or feathers or scales into bloodstreams of souls & soil]


2/3 disko full moonhalf bloodsingularwe think: the american loves storiesbanquets of braved hearted empty wordsthey gorges themselves inwhat’s your story they’ll ask–drinking your lightat their feastdizziness and workalways work. one works onfeed them storiesand if i was in love–it would bewith hands flanging whalewith hands cutting mattaqwith faces of winter light from withinthe american want a lifted pathof happinessthey are all the same:each wanting their own


1/3 disko: waxing moonbastard bloodcedingraven landsat the snow coveredwound. jumping up & downon the frozen edges, to break it up. pecks it back openuntil its dark contourcouplewithblood & intestines:a homecomingfeastwhereas –wide open & perpetuity fervourlavishyour fledged heart


unniutiinnarneqtunniutiinnarneqtunniusimasoqtunu t ryg (-gen), bagside (-n)(animal behaviour/sexual) devotion from latin devot- ‘consecrated (indviet)’, from the verb devovere, from de- ‘formally’ + vovere ‘to vow’


08.08.13 1.00pm dear anna. lately i have had nightmares. wake shivering — can i come see you? when will you have time. how are you? i miss – you – nothing — no writing — words disappeared inside — circulate in the body — like breathing: breath in a n n a breath out d e a r breath in a n n a breath out d e a r 09.08.13 6.00am nightmare — twin girls — one fell into the sea and were lost — unable to make it home — she forgot who she was and became homeless…


sisters oh planti have come to pray to youto take you with me and bring you homehere i bow infant heart in front of yougive me your blessinglittle sister, little sisterancient heartscome, come with me take us homefill us up

01.16.2022 1/2

allegiance 1/2she saysher mother is taking her sweet time to die–keep lingering in that space between here & beyond it wears out both of themshe says–yes i know it i reply,later she shares a dream of hers: 

01.16.2022 2/2

allegiance 2/2you are in a campit is both imposed & chosenno one is fully attending societywhich is why they are therethey are aware of their agebearing excommunicationthough feeling pain from ityou might be every individual thereone of them is a femaleshe decides to prove she’s still independentso she escapes, to show offthe others mockingly saying: “although she might pull it off, one more timewe are getting near our end of escapes” she is dressed in shimmering whiteas camouflage running through the snow for the fenceshe hurls herself through the airmaking it overt the barbed wire fenceenclosing the camp,she makes itover but…