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and one day she dreamed herself to be a complete idiot —which she instantly became. this ‘dream-being’ wandered about in her dream world until one day falling asleep there. while sleeping she dreamt she was a worm, who dreamt she was a queen, who dreamt of being an ant, who dreamt of being a hungry wolf, who dreamt of being a screaming seagull, who dreamt of being white carnations, who envisioned themselves as a bee, who drank the nectar from the carnation’s flower. the bee saw a monkey on which it contemplated, thereby becoming a monkey, which was captured by a hungry queen hunter. when the monkey saw a hive of bees it remembered its past birth and became a bee, which became carnations, which became a wolf.…

3/3 disko: bright sunshinesnow buntingpluralwe think: ice is your sleeping beautywasting her attributes awayweeping melt, whereas your trait, traitoris treasonand bunting’s buoyancyso joyous honouring herglisteringdeathshapes of sheer splendour, divinedescendingdissolving. dilutingoblivious human conditionlike glacial flour meetingsaltwater [at night you bathe in moonlight as alcohol, bright & brutal.seeps through skin or feathers or scales into bloodstreams of souls & soil]


2/3 disko full moonhalf bloodsingularwe think: the american loves storiesbanquets of braved hearted empty wordsthey gorges themselves inwhat’s your story they’ll ask–drinking your lightat their feastdizziness and workalways work. one works onfeed them storiesand if i was in love–it would bewith hands flanging whalewith hands cutting mattaqwith faces of winter light from withinthe american want a lifted pathof happinessthey are all the same:each wanting their own


1/3 disko: waxing moonbastard bloodcedingraven landsat the snow coveredwound. jumping up & downon the frozen edges, to break it up. pecks it back openuntil its dark contourcouplewithblood & intestines:a homecomingfeastwhereas –wide open & perpetuity fervourlavishyour fledged heart


unniutiinnarneqtunniutiinnarneqtunniusimasoqtunu t ryg (-gen), bagside (-n)(animal behaviour/sexual) devotion from latin devot- ‘consecrated (indviet)’, from the verb devovere, from de- ‘formally’ + vovere ‘to vow’


08.08.13 1.00pm dear anna. lately i have had nightmares. wake shivering — can i come see you? when will you have time. how are you? i miss – you – nothing — no writing — words disappeared inside — circulate in the body — like breathing: breath in a n n a breath out d e a r breath in a n n a breath out d e a r 09.08.13 6.00am nightmare — twin girls — one fell into the sea and were lost — unable to make it home — she forgot who she was and became homeless…


sisters oh planti have come to pray to youto take you with me and bring you homehere i bow infant heart in front of yougive me your blessinglittle sister, little sisterancient heartscome, come with me take us homefill us up

01.16.2022 1/2

allegiance 1/2she saysher mother is taking her sweet time to die–keep lingering in that space between here & beyond it wears out both of themshe says–yes i know it i reply,later she shares a dream of hers: