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that they have blushing plumage conical seed-eating beaks that their beaks are dark in summer and light yellowish in winter that they forage for seeds, especially thistle seeds and that these grow blushing flower-heads when blooming


libya, fossil fuel    en af mine fædre tager til ørkenen han er væk længe han sender ting han sender en læbestift i en lerskål han sender forsteninger af muslinger — at luft tordner i himlen og i gletchere hans tænder slides ned i sandstorme hans hud lædrer han vasker sig i sand & tørrer sig i solen hverken anker eller sejl er oppe —at noget bevæger sig derude — at det er is der driver fra gletcheren en af mine fædre bor i et telt i ørkenen han måler sandet han måler i sandet hvor vejen skal være han…


(wearing) obscenely lush lavender scent as a space helmet or perhaps hallow upon landing, in the city every cell; all cytoplasm, nucleus and the breath unsure as to why we’re here recalling or summon; the arctic the arctic the arctic


to be i and alone and that i  can’t breath right to stop writing. the thing the letters saying  l o n e l i n e s s to can’t hold fear anymore or get any older, since i am a  c h i l d to watch the snow cling to the mountains the  wind lifting upwards  to watch dead fox getting eaten by big bird sitting on it’s head  to watch dark tumbleweed’s obstructed  fluctuations in fences  to recall prior traveling. with  h a p p i n e s s this one is fiercer or raw to watch and weep  over…