palm lover

you wake up in your cot
you stir from within, a fetus still inside your aching body and the skin containing all of you: you wake.
your fetus commands you: stretch out. break open this skin in the cot and have our newborn bodies leave this world. ascent says the fetus while somersaulting in the salt waters of your bodies. ascent
– ascending to the deck of this ship, like bubbles surfacing your bodies climb the stairs to the deck and the night is arctic and the arctic night is white. luminescent, so that your bodies are illuminated. if anyone was watching you, they would see the mountains ashore through your flesh, your organs your fetus and its umbilical cord from the heart. they would see the heat of living emanating, from your many bodies in this icy night. they would see all the liquids of the palm lover in the landscape of white

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