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— gæst adskillelser, hvor jeg er tilstede og han bevæger sig (afsted). lufthavne vågner i torden. lugten af jet benzin hænger i næsen endnu. mit landskab: (bulbjerg) gæsterne sover i gæsteværelset ingen er døde endnu havtorn blomstrer fugle sover få timer om natten? børn er ude med bare ben til elleve de kalder harer kaniner uden bur de hopper rundt som dem og har haletudser i sylteglas slipper dem fri og føler sig nådige de lår de skubber deres kolde tæer ind imellem i sengen om morgenen bliver aske, så jord og så biller


in this spring of the bird white-crowned, white-throated, anyone miles on end, swedes lane is barely passable from snow drift. still, birds are here. blooming blessed strength and so will we


—  (i saw) rosy-finches from mid december through march off of cr 196 near lisbon valley, ut. last year. this year an even larger flock daily at the same location, the flock is over two hundred individuals. cr 196 (public road) runs right through latigo windfarm (private property). if anyone is interested in trying for them you can contact me for details 


— briefly, the male is back. i hear him first, then get to watch him. his sound and bluest  blue


— clay-colored thrush at the international center, on peach day north of interstate exit. it’s feeding alone, near some other thrushes on the westside of median by the green electrical equipment box they’ve build cup-shaped nests, lined them with mud. they’ve had speckled eggs in their nests. chicks hatching, both parents feeding and raising them. continuing their species through migrating long distances dispersing seeds of endangered plants at new sites, thrushes help eliminate inbreeding and increase the genetic diversity of local ecosystems. her too, without nest


girl with no daddy, is a barn with no walls   girl without daddy, is a barn without doors   girls without  dads are barns without openings   barns without daddies are girls with no openings     an opening with a girl without daddy is no —   girls with barns are openings without daddies  


— little gull still present in the same landscape of yes, between the scorched sandbars and brittle saltshore. go on being by waiting. carefully carefully alive


hummingbird feeders have been out since sunday morning. first of season a female broad-tailed (this vagrant species) was heard, then seen monday about 6pm, again 7:30pm and the morning after —


best spring birds today were cattle egrets (why?). many long-billed curlews and some swallow too.not sure how much longer road will be open, water up over shoulder at first low spot. think the most western meadowlarks per square mile anywhere think they are gorgeous. think they are divine