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–poppies song: all the hours we spent waiting on daddy away, working in the desertall the hours we spent our growing pain, blooming, trying to get to that desertall the hours we spent scheming on how to stay and be desertall the love we’re convinced be concealed in a desertall the love we miss out on for this desertand all flowing fluttering love we poured, seeded his desert


i am flower cone i am ocotillo i am ocotillo’s scarlet hands, caressing air i am crystals in mountain soil i am soft seeds in bog soil i am doe with dream-fawn i am milky way in daylight i am glowing meat-red sandstone i am high desert snow-rosy sunrise i am dried grasses dripping dew, down below in basin i am chicken feed i am chicken feet, curling up when lifting i am sugar skull i am bluejays i am bluejay’s cry i am bright blue silk-bow tied on corn stalk i am sleeping with earthworms i am texas petro-plants…


preamble. kids walking home in pitch black afternoons like small moon astronauts in their heavy winter clothesoblivious to their own braveness. gracefully  traveling this thick silence their traces are indented islands  circular poems of joyquickly covered by snow, whereas  their voices traveling all directions.  what is wanting in you when the beat of their drum is family

01.16.2022 1/2

allegiance 1/2she saysher mother is taking her sweet time to die–keep lingering in that space between here & beyond it wears out both of themshe says–yes i know it i reply,later she shares a dream of hers: 

01.16.2022 2/2

allegiance 2/2you are in a campit is both imposed & chosenno one is fully attending societywhich is why they are therethey are aware of their agebearing excommunicationthough feeling pain from ityou might be every individual thereone of them is a femaleshe decides to prove she’s still independentso she escapes, to show offthe others mockingly saying: “although she might pull it off, one more timewe are getting near our end of escapes” she is dressed in shimmering whiteas camouflage running through the snow for the fenceshe hurls herself through the airmaking it overt the barbed wire fenceenclosing the camp,she makes itover but…


du ser hverken solen stige eller synke sneen fyger om alt, danner sære figurer deforme ekstra lemmer fra bygningskroppe vinden er så kold den brænder, hyler i dagevis, når den lægger sig er verden ren som knogler du er død & genopstanden fjeldet synger i dig; du er, du er, du er


many souls the sailor is explaining; everyone contains many the sailor doesn’t say souls or define it more than many she shows how stars fall/descent from the universe solidify into clusters that then shape themselves into many souls you can see each soul contain the melting shapes of the stars and that they forget their oneness and melt into entities that has an outline that fit the ones they were made along side with so that solidified souls of personhood contains many and would fit next to the ones they’re shape with they wouldn’t stay this shape throughout living but…


2 ) oracle the yucca, as flags in your remeberence; their soft rattling seed pods in dry breeze. how the seeds float in slow motion downwards; dark spots in your line of thoughts. at night the plant resembles a devil’s head against the thick sky. two tall stems as antennas rises from the round shape. someone has been digging holes out in the desert. beast and critters are alive in the night. you hear them calling each other; there’s a human, there’s a human. the human resembles a sailor and the desert is a shoreline with the ocean at the…


1 ) oracle at the top of the yucca, wren is sitting. shiny seeds falls from the opening pods. it’s calls rises. twin boys walk the trail this morning. heat is rising too. last full moon they went out scouting; their father told them the captain comes out at night. they’re digging a sailor trap. preparing for next chance to catch him