i am flower cone

i am ocotillo

i am ocotillo’s scarlet hands, caressing air

i am crystals in mountain soil

i am soft seeds in bog soil

i am doe with dream-fawn

i am milky way in daylight

i am glowing meat-red sandstone

i am high desert snow-rosy sunrise

i am dried grasses dripping dew, down below in basin

i am chicken feed

i am chicken feet, curling up when lifting

i am sugar skull

i am bluejays

i am bluejay’s cry

i am bright blue silk-bow tied on corn stalk

i am sleeping with earthworms

i am texas petro-plants

i am dead people

i am your people

i am bell in desert wind through night

i am juniper with berries

i am berries, jammed

i am mountain lion hunting

i am mountain lion scat

i am ant, carrying big objects

i am ant, keep walking

i am all love, circling

i am joy and sorrow

i am pinyon bowing  

i am departure

i am arrival

i am

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