bison came to me, presenting itself
as an offer. i ate/consumed/swallowed bison
to renew/concurre/savior myself
and thereby i became bison,
who sacrificed itself

—the cliff swallows will be back soon,
i love my city in their presence

the danish national tree is common
beech (fagus sylvatica)
the anemones (anemone virginiana)
have to time their flowering
before leave-cover
soak up the spring sunlight

—up here we all get through the winter-dark
by our bodies recalling spring;
the vow

of long summer days
(17 h & 30 min. in mid june)
this collected white blanket
of each delicately individual
anemone, beneath the hundred years giants

the order of beauty and time
as singles becoming
entities in perfection

anemones allows me my fragility;
their way
of complimenting/co-existing
with those celebrated giants

—i guess i glean
for other kinds of family concepts

this life
as a non-mother among
predominantly parental society.

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