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here’s two more thoughts: what if this is a non-verbal & pre-language conditioned dilemma what if all choices are progress out of prolonged girlhood into womanhood


many souls the sailor is explaining; everyone contains many the sailor doesn’t say souls or define it more than many she shows how stars fall/descent from the universe solidify into clusters that then shape themselves into many souls you can see each soul contain the melting shapes of the stars and that they forget their oneness and melt into entities that has an outline that fit the ones they were made along side with so that solidified souls of personhood contains many and would fit next to the ones they’re shape with they wouldn’t stay this shape throughout living but…


imbolc in the night of imbolc. the sailor shows herself her eyes are yes and shinning petals saying: what are your obstacles and what do they look like what is our work and what will come (out) of it


light as milk: the light is soft and fractal like dreaming; a cave-opening  in sandstone formation darkness emanates and fill the air as light reach you, pass through you and snow falls as choruses 


light as milk: the light is boiling milk; foam and blinding heat animal hauls are wild and fill the air as light these are the real beings and we are solely alive  to hear their hauling and reply  


that they have blushing plumage conical seed-eating beaks that their beaks are dark in summer and light yellowish in winter that they forage for seeds, especially thistle seeds and that these grow blushing flower-heads when blooming


— light as milk the light is boiling milk; foam and blinding heat the light is endemic to this world —or it is not the hauls and calls are wild and fill the air as light the creatures are endemic to this world —or they are not let’s say they are; let’s say these are the real beings and we are merely alive to hear their hauling and reply when we listen, it will make them exist as seeds of life in other worlds like; if our clay bodies are ablaze attentively in light the milk of listening will make…


— wool woman in the mornings wool woman reply to the sun; “sun”, she says as it comes in to being on the horizon at noon wool woman is wearing a big brimmed hat, gaze at the rim where sun came up and replies to noon; “heat”, she says as it conquer her and slay her onto the landscape towards evenings wool woman rise​s​ her self up, leave another outline of her burned shape and stretch her limbs as animal after siesta; “resurrection”, she replies at night the thick dark is ointment for repeat wool woman sleep in her amniotic…