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recognize accents; thick local american (and utes, paiute, goshute) tourists too.  then receiving the (communion of) light then the deafening pain of rejection  recalling the  dead departed; the ones who went on with others    what can be trusted; the breath, the breath   the breath and that time passes leaves  traces deliver you at your mountains  of sorrow  to hike;  ascenting; a  solitary creature vertiginous as if leisurely  slow;  dizzying/dismembering sights and abysses, and what else can you do than take it all in; bask in the beauty of being among  the living 


mirth zealand’s orchards failing this year, from late frost in may. then heatwave — even still/especially; (pay attention to) the mirth of basking in this sphere, together 


— yes, i am. got jellyfish stings high up on inner thighs while swimming this evening, didn’t see invertebrate cause of sun’s low reflection in water; pain and felt such longing for arctic water in the fjords, perceived; endless friendly, endless gentle miss it, miss the light, miss moving, miss whales, miss dreaming of whales. trying to focus on nice things here like; swifts diving in air, scent of blooming linden or loved one’s happy faces inside restless restless, waiting for this landing to end and leaving for the desert which is also an ocean of pleasure. once a friend at navajo nation said; “i like it everywhere” –…


yes, strawberry river this morning — a phoebe followed a falcon. the birds were on the east side. there were warblers too and many western wood-pewees moving through new electric air joyously hawking      


sagebrush birds:    soothe then fled  and feathers catch light   — these sagebrush natives faithful, to specific sites recur  year after year especially if — and their song composed of elements specifically for vast windy steppe— their patterns and frequencies  carrying well in open landscape without degrading


— saw sanderling take off from egg island this afternoon amongst. many swallows on power lines happy spring everyone


— we found palm warblers. birds was feeding by the copse of trees south of water. were moving in the understory.  then reappeared, to fly off to the north little blue heron at sand hollow too


1 at vende tilbage besøgende halt, til alt andet fuldt 2 at løvet er tungere  end det er til at bære 3 at luften slæber mod genstande. klæber til huden  der ældes; saltvand; middagshede; tab 4 at heroppe kravler bænkebidere over sengen edderkoppeafkom hænger i klaser og spredes i mylder 5 at tid kravler gennem vener og bleger billeder på nethinde 6 at sandbund er dækket af østersskaller hver deres egen verden


in this spring of the bird white-crowned, white-throated, anyone miles on end, swedes lane is barely passable from snow drift. still, birds are here. blooming blessed strength and so will we


— briefly, the male is back. i hear him first, then get to watch him. his sound and bluest  blue