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05.29.2023 3/3 whitsun, light as milk

–light as milk boulders bouncing down as sleepy toddlers, over slopes and edges before landing at their final resting place though some boulders break apart leaving craters of fragmentation (in their) becoming imperfect spheres

05.29.2023 2/3 whitsun, light as milk

–light as milk the light is soft and fractal; like dreaming a cave-opening in the sandstone formation darkness emanates and fill the air as light reach you, pass through you and snow falls as choruses

05.29.2023 1/3 whitsun, light as milk

–light as milk the light is boiling milk; foam and blinding heat animal hauls and calls are wild and fill the air as light these are the real beings and we are merely alive to hear their hauling and reply listening makes them exist as seeds of life in other worlds


what i think is irrelevant.–yes i can write for the landis that love or perpetuating dominion? we drove 130km/h on the glacierit was like flying through paradise


salt 3/4 i go where i can find saltyou go where there’s good saltyou can’t see what your doingso you need a techniqueyes, the salt is good quality & pale pinknow i filled my canoei can go home happy 


salt 2/4 before i enter the water i covermy bodyin oilwhen we work in the riverwe get woundsi don’t chose where i workwe take all the salt we wantthe salt raised to our facesthe river change colourit change colour throughout the daythe sunlight cause the colour to changeand the colour change over eveningit is either divine orfrom the sorcerer   


salt 1/4 i am getting salti take my canoe to the riverthen i’ll go down into the waterstart collection salt and put it in the canoei stay in the water for hoursi enter the water with a long stick, a basketand shovel to dig the salt at the bottomthe canoe takes me onto the waterthat’s where i hold the salt i collectone day the fish started dyingand we wondered if there was saltthen we realised that the riverhas turned completely saltyand that we could dig salt 


you are living at a remote placeit has desert light: bleached & bright you have thoughts like: this is perfect loveyou are amazed you made this your home walking around in all this space & pleasureyou lift up your arms and feel like flying you take off, then gets liftedor caught by the buoyancy much higher than you inteded,in real life it is storming out, relentlessly: all is shaking & trembling each hour of each day into the night is a strenuous distance to covereven when being inside, still:it is not exactly scary, more like a rite


here’s two more thoughts: what if this is a non-verbal & pre-language conditioned dilemma what if all choices are progress out of prolonged girlhood into womanhood