and one day she dreamed herself to be a complete idiot —which she instantly became. this ‘dream-being’ wandered about in her dream world until one day falling asleep there. while sleeping she dreamt she was a worm, who dreamt she was a queen, who dreamt of being an ant, who dreamt of being a hungry wolf, who dreamt of being a screaming seagull, who dreamt of being white carnations, who envisioned themselves as a bee, who drank the nectar from the carnation’s flower. the bee saw a monkey on which it contemplated, thereby becoming a monkey, which was captured by a hungry queen hunter. when the monkey saw a hive of bees it remembered its past birth and became a bee, which became carnations, which became a wolf. while the wolf was contemplating this, death came and took her, and her consciousness entered the atlantic ocean. “i am ocean” she thought, and became all time contained in water, at which point she saw that she was in fact everyone and when she realised all is her in reality, one only, she woke up as a lover of all

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