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05.07.2019 02

dreaming i’m arranging flowers on her breakfast tray, the water turns into gasoline and i cause a huge fire; the flower petals throwing off flames


sails   all your deepest desires deserted; the mouth of a wound  confining the rest of you days, as spring spills over  in moist shoots and billowing buds  your heart sinks as a sick clam, limbs follow it down  until subtle pull of upward umbilical cord, unfold  your sails to refill


— we found palm warblers. birds was feeding by the copse of trees south of water. were moving in the understory.  then reappeared, to fly off to the north little blue heron at sand hollow too


at havet er i ebbe. så langt tilbage, at der ligger en bleg bræmme af havbund, en ørken af stenformationer nogle steder trækker brændingen lyder af sten over sten med sig. andre er sandet nøgent og tavst — der er en glæde til alle mennesker, der er vildere end havet og ørkenen tilsammen. den findes


best spring birds today were cattle egrets (why?). many long-billed curlews and some swallow too.not sure how much longer road will be open, water up over shoulder at first low spot. think the most western meadowlarks per square mile anywhere think they are gorgeous. think they are divine


american wigeon   7 american coot   1,283 american bittern   1 american white pelican   1,229 great blue heron   36 snowy egret   3 great egret   3 american golden plover 6 black-crowned night heron   12 white-faced ibis   36 wilson’s phalarope  27 black-necked stilt   2 american avocet   6 lesser yellowlegs   1 eared grebe   69 western grebe   117 great horned owl   2 american kestrel   2