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læhegn. du tænker; ingen kender mig  rovfugl letter fra læhegn så tæt ved  at du ser dens fjer enkeltvis danne camouflage af mørke over et hvidt bryst


there was an eclipse. there she’d love to have seen it one time there was one. up here the world fell dead silent. the light went even paler when she thinks of not looking into the blue of those blue eyes ever again she recall that quietness such prolonged fear of loss. then the loss  that frees the gaze for shifting 


girl with no daddy, is a barn with no walls   girl without daddy, is a barn without doors   girls without  dads are barns without openings   barns without daddies are girls with no openings     an opening with a girl without daddy is no —   girls with barns are openings without daddies