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skin | skin | verb 3 (of a wound) form new skin.”the wound are skinned and strength will revive” riˈvīv

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skin | skin | noun 1 the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal


what makes a body tremor—crispé comme un extravagant, baudelaire says—is not the rapture of someone suffused with eros; it is, rather, like a kind of sexual shock that can beset a solitary human — there’s an inevitable entropy in humans, a wildness inside us — alive, to all hardships and to all delights


— flowers are borne in whorls nard; lavandula intermedia or dutch lavender genus includes short-lived herbaceous plants; leaf shape is diverse across genus. being branched they are simple in some cultivated species, in others, wild, pinnately toothed pairs opposite each other or multiple pinnate and dissected (can be candied). leaves are covered in fine hairs or indumentum. flowers are borne in whorls, held on spikes rising, erect. may be blue, violet in wild species, occasionally blackish or deep yellowish. calyx is tubular. corolla is also tubular, usually with five lobes; upper lip cleft, and the lower lip with two clefts (bearing oil, for…


(wearing) obscenely lush lavender scent as a space helmet or perhaps hallow upon landing, in the city every cell; all cytoplasm, nucleus and the breath unsure as to why we’re here recalling or summon; the arctic the arctic the arctic


yes, strawberry river this morning — a phoebe followed a falcon. the birds were on the east side. there were warblers too and many western wood-pewees moving through new electric air joyously hawking      


dreaming he sits at my bedside, with a blue space helmet on, or perhaps hallow. he doesn’t speak; i am very unsure as to why he’s here

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dreaming i’m arranging flowers on her breakfast tray, the water turns into gasoline and i cause a huge fire; the flower petals throwing off flames

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(edible/eating)   “domesticated crop and ‘wild’ plants (called: crop wild relatives) domesticated livestock species and their wild relatives non-harvested species, including soil micro-biota, pollinators non-harvested species in the wider environment” : thinking of (the concept of) wild relatives and how they’re related to you,  thinking —