animal nature new year (2010)

he’s one of the men i met at a new year party how you look like a sweet little cat with sweet little paws you lick and wash your whiskers with he said. i raise my arm and slap him as hard as i can with my paw. oh hit me again he says and i raise my other arm that he grabs coming at him and bent it behind my back so i have to turn to easy the pain and therefore show him my rear 

as the crowd counting down for midnight he locked me in the mens toilet and striped my cat skin though i bite his face real badly with blood in my whiskers i crawl up the walls and jump out the window to land on my feet on the street as everyone jumps from their chairs to cheer for a new year and kisses my ass i thought and hiss

nine month later i’m having his kittens and liking the blood of their bodies as they search for my nibbles blind and unsteady but something is odd with their faces are all having tooth marks no matter how nice i’m licking they still have these marks so i have to abandon my litter of kittens in order to follow my animal nature

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