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• the hair is like hair. and she lifts up the hair with lazy hands while i watch and the robe is rotting and she lifts up the cloth and the skin falls down and down and down as i am the lover and rise from her womb who never will carry a foetus the spilling of blood was like blood coagulating in dreams she’s forgetting as youth i shall always know you she says her knowing is like knowing. she holds with her heart as a womb and lazy coagulating my love as i am the leaver and she is…


all fevers are of the water. the temperature of our flesh, disturbed. our bodies redraw to the cave of the hidden world. heartbeat calls out for replies — the air reply in our lungs, the daylight reply to our skin. all life moves outwards — come out of your cave. hestene der trækker vejret lærken der står stille i luften sommerfugl på asfalten efter en bil er kørt forbi, broden ude. vingerne sitrer firben