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sandhill cranes are beginning to move through the jensen area in uintah county (along the green river). this morning at 8:00 am was 1200 cranes feeding in freshly harvested hay fields. south of the river along a 1.5 mile stretch — they spend the night on sandbars, move to the fields at dawn, then around 11:00 am large groups circle upward in thermals, heading south   they will be moving through the area for the next month — one day you will move too  


went looking for warblers to no avail. however ran into a novel bird —the sage thrasher. eating insects in late summer with her short  beak. in winter she eat berries


brood   — would you like one she says. holding out a tray with frozen larvae i like honey, i like bees when they sting me too, at harvest. i can’t eat this unborn thing . in traffic home each day any hearse glides right trough me havesting. tapping the honey inside. sealing jars of dripping. labbeling this fall. loss  


american wigeon   7 american coot   1,283 american bittern   1 american white pelican   1,229 great blue heron   36 snowy egret   3 great egret   3 american golden plover 6 black-crowned night heron   12 white-faced ibis   36 wilson’s phalarope  27 black-necked stilt   2 american avocet   6 lesser yellowlegs   1 eared grebe   69 western grebe   117 great horned owl   2 american kestrel   2


“this afternoon i saw an american white pelican sitting in the sagebrush along the road down the west side of strawberry reservoir. two other birds were holding its left wing up when it walked through the sage and was well over a 1/2 mile from water.  the procession headed north, away from the water. towards strawberry ridge”


— at det tordner om natten — at det tordner om morgenen — at husenes facader åbner ansigtet mod dagen   du er i et hvidt favntag. dun klæber som honning til huden. det regner efter regnen. drypper fra marehalm. svedig, luften er tung i lungerne falder vandet nedad du falder endnu. æsken er foret med dun du falder igennem og regn falder . barely breathing in  barely breathing out  awaiting. ripples. recur  all sounds of living to flow back    


— at sige tilsidst, “nu ligner du en lille pige.” — at lægge hende i æsken. at æsken er lille og kan hænge om halsen — at halsen strækker sig som en stikling, og stiklinger er piger på tynde ben der går ud i tyngdekraften    


this is a landscape :  artificial |ˌärtəˈfiSHəl| 1.1 made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, typically as a copy of something natural: her skin glowed in an artificial light | an artificial limb | artificial flowers. • (of a situation or concept) not existing naturally; contrived or false: the artificial division of people into age groups. • bridge (of a bid) conventional as opposed to natural. 1.2 (of a person or a person’s behavior) insincere or affected: an artificial smile 2.1 – artificial flowers: synthetic, fake, imitation, mock, ersatz, faux, substitute, replica, reproduction; man-made, fabricated, inorganic; plastic;…